What dwarf hamsters eat

Feeding your dwarf hamster right let your hammy live longer. There is so much food what dwarf hamsters eat. But if you want to know what Your hamster eat, you have to test it by yourself. Dwarf hamsters need to eat as much as syrian hamsters. Yes, they are small but they are also very active and have fast metabolism.

What dwarf hamsters eat in the wild?

In the wild dwarf hamsters don’t have much choices. Mainly they eat grasses, insects and all kinds of grains. If they find a farm then they eat food what is growing there.

What dwarf hamsters eat

Dwarf hamsters can eat various kinds of foods. What dwarf hamsters eat when they are your pets depends on what you give. If you want your dwarf to be happy and active you have to know what your hammy like the most.

Mixed food from pet store – a loose mix diet constists all kind of dried vegetables, seeds and protein pellets for balanced diet.  However, sometimes the hammy will pick the grains which they like the most and leave the rest of the mix. So, make sure your dwarf hamster eats the complete mix, and doesn’t leave any leftovers in the bowl.

dwarf hamster food

dwarf hamster mixed food

Vegetables and fruits for dwarf hamsters – of course you can feed your hamster a variety of human foods. You can give small amounts of fresh vegetables  and fruits two to three times a week. If you don’t know what you can give to them you can check out my page about dwarf hamsters food. 

Fruits for dwarf hamster

Fruits for dwarf hamster

Treats for dwarf hamsters – Also may be found in a pet store. Treats, like monkey chow and boiled eggs consist protein and it’s good for dwarf hamsters health. It’s for special times only. Give one per week.

Also don’t forget to give fresh water for your dwarf hamsters! :)

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