My Hamster abandoned her babies

Yes, I have heard it before: My hamster dond’t want to be a mother and she abandoned her babies.
There are mani possible ways, why they do that, but it’s nature and we can’t do nothing about it, so it’s better if we know how to care forabandoned hamster babies.
In this post I’m going to write about that.Sometimes it’s better to take the control to your hands and care for this litter.

baby hamsters abandoned

What an abandoned baby hamster need?

Sure, your first question have to be what those little baby hamsters need. They need a lot of things to survive such as:

  1. Heating Pad
  2. 20 Gallon Long Aquarium
  3. Small ceramic bowl
  4. A roll of Toilet paper inside the house  (to make soft living)
  5. Water bottle and a food dish
  6. Toys for hamsters
  7. Wheel to exercise when they grow

Now, when we have all the stuff we need you need to know what to do next.

Heating pad have to set under the tank directly underneath the  house and set it to “low” so they have a warm being.
Take the toilet paper and put it into the hamsters house.
Place the running wheel, water bottle, toys you may have for them in the cage. Ohh, yes, I forgot already. Put the food dish also into the hamster cage. :)

How to feed an abandoned baby hamster?

Feeding an abandoned baby hamsters is the most important thing to do. They need food everyday!

How to make baby hamster food:

Fill any container with desired amount of Mazuri or Oxbow. Pour water into container until the Lab Blocks are immersed in it (With water only reaching the very tip tops of the Lab Blocks) Wait 20 minutes for the Lab Blocks to soak and become “mushy” before using it to make weaning formula. When in this state, you can refrigerate it for 3 days in a sealed container.  Everytime you want to use it, make sure to mix it before use.

Other thing you need to use is KMR – milk replacer powder.

On the next blog post I’m going to tell you how to feed your abandoned baby hasters.

NOTE: Please DO NOT attempt to do any of the following until you are absolutely CERTAIN the Mother hamster will not take the Pups back, and after you have tried to find a surrogate Mother! This is very risky and may cause many deaths in the litter.

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