How to know your dwarf hamster is male or female

I assume, if you bring home a dwarf hamster you have asked the sex of the hamster. But can you be sure with someone’s words? Don’t be, because it is possible that it might be wrong. It is better to know it by yourself.  As example, at my first time buying a hammyes I asked in the petshop two male dwarf hamsters and voilaa – i got male and female. Now i have many babyes and I need to know the sex of my dwarf hamsters. So how to know your dwarf hamster is male or female?


Why you need to know the sex of your dwarf hamster

  • To avoid unwanted hamster babyes between your hamsters (if you don’t want any)
  • To know what kind of a name to put your dwarf hamster.

Sexing your dwarf hamster

It is going to be camplicated as dwarf hamsters are quick and don’t want to be on its back. Also your dwarf hamster have to be at least 3 weeks old to check the sex, because before it’s very hard to determine. It’s possible you can’t see even a 3 weeks old hamster sex and have to wait a bit longer.
1. Flip your dwarf hamster on its back –  if you have young hamster then do it carefully and don’t hurt him/her. Put your thumb to his or her feets and hold it still. The second good idea is to put your dwarf hamster into the plastic box or on the class table and then you can watch.
2. Now when your dwarf hamster is on its back  look the stomach and the buttom area very closely. What you see?
3. Now comes the hardest part. If you hold on your hand a female dwarf hamster you see these things: She will have two holes what are very closely together. Watch carefully because they are so close it may look like one hole. In the belly area you can find nipples. Female dwarf hamster have four nipples. But it’s possible you can’t find these, so don’t think too fast you hold a male dwarf hamster in your hand.  I suggest you to focus at the holes because its much more reliable.
If you hold on your hand a male dwarf hamster you can see these things: The male hamster have also 2 holes but they aren’t so closely together. Also male hamsters are usually bigger than female dwarf hamsters but it can be opposite as well. Also male hamster butt is more slightly elongated than females.

Here is a drawing of a dwarf hamster belly and stomach so you have the idea how your hamster may look like:

male or female dwarf hamster

Idea of dwarf hamster sex


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