How to feed an abandoned hamster babies

In this post I’m going to tell you, how to feed your abandoned hamster babies.
In my past post I told you basic stuff you need to do, when your hamsters mother abandon her babies. If you have not read it I think you should. It’s quite interesting and informational.

So lets start this post. You need to know how to feed an abandoned hamster babies?
Abandoned hamster may be very difficult to feed, because they are so little and you have to be very gentle.

How to feed an abandoned hamster steps

  1. Fill the syringe to desired amount.
  2. Hold one pup a time very gently with your fingers so that two fingers are on either side of the mouth.
  3. Gently hold the head in such a way that allows you to keep the mouth open with the fingers on either side of the mouth.
  4. Place Syringe in mouth so that the tip is directly facing  down into the inner part of the mouth.
  5. Dispense about 3-5 ML of formula into the mouth. If you use an eye dropper, dispense 3-4 drops into the mouth.
  6. Do this once every hour until they open their eyes.
  7. After they have opened their eyes, do this every 2-3 hours until weaned.
abandoned hamster

abandoned hamster

Yep, it’s very risky and difficult, but I think you get it. At least I hope :)

If your abandoned hamsters get 10-20 days old, then it’s time to start giving them basic food and fruits. Also you can and need to do that before they are 10 days old. Very small amounts ofcourse.
By day 18 you should stop feeding them through the syringe or eye dropper all together.
By day 21 there should be no weaning formula in the bowl, just seed mix and fruits.

NOTE: Please DO NOT attempt to do any of the following until you are absolutely CERTAIN the Mother hamster will not take the Pups back, and after you have tried to find a surrogate Mother! This is very risky and may cause many deaths in the litter.

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