Dwarf hamsters playpen

Dwarf hamsters playpen is pretty awesome thing you can make to your hammy. As we all know, dwarf hamsters need a lot of room to play and have fun, so if you have some free room you can make a playpen to them. It gives a lot of freedom to them. Don’t worry – making playpen for your dwarf hamsters is very easy. Also I’m going to tell you step by step how to do it.

As first, it’s very possible that your hamsters feels uncomfortable and a bit afraid. To help them get used to it, you can put some treats and toys into the playpen.

Everytime you put your hammys into playpen, make sure they are awake, because they don’t like to be woken up.

How to make playpen for dwarf hamsters

You need to buy 10 sheets of coroplast and 6-10 binder clips. If you don’t want to waste so much money you simply can use some cardboard. The more coroplast or cardboard you use, the more blinder clips you need.


dwarf hamsters playpen

dwarf hamsters playpen


dwarf hamsters playpen 2

dwarf hamsters playpen 2


Here is one picture for you, so you can get some ideas how to furnish it.

dwarf hamsters playpen inside

dwarf hamsters playpen inside

So now you have an idea, how to make a playpen for your dwarf hamster. The best thing about it, is that you can pack it up and put it wherever you want. :)
Also now you can feel better, as your dwarfs can be more active and you don’t need to be afraid they run away.

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