Dwarf hamsters illnesses

Dwarf hamsters illnesses are serious problem to them. They don’t get diseases so easily as bigger animals. But if they do, it can cause serious problems to your little dwarf. Most of the illnesses comes from humans and other animals. The best way to treat them is to avoid illnesses. It’s smart to wash your hands everytime if you are going to touch your dwarf hamsters. Dwarf hamsters diseases are one of the main facts why they die. It’s important to treat your hamsters the fastest you can. If you want to treat your dwarf hamsters you have to know what disease they have.

Most common dwarf hamsters diseases

  • Colds – Your dwarf hamster could get cold. Usually they get cold when you are ill. So if you have cold try to touch your hamster as less as you can. The symptoms are same as humans. Your hamster will sneeze and have wet nose. I had a Russian Dwarf Hamster who had cold but in 3 days he recovered.
  • Allergic disease – Dwarf hamsters could get allergic reactions if you put wrong things into the cage. The most common thing what can arouse allergic reactions are toys made of cedar and pine wood. If you see your dwarf hamster is not pleased with things you put into the dwarf hamster cage, then remove them.
  • Diabetic dwarf hamsters – Don’t give too much sweet treats. This is all I can tell you.
  • Hibernation – If your room is cold your dwarf hamster will go into a sort of hibernating state. He is breathing slowly and don’t be so active. The best way to treat this is increase the temperature.
  • Skin illnesses – If you see that something is wrong with your dwarf hamster fur. If he scratches it too much or it is in other color then take him to the veterinarian.
  • Cancer – Dwarf hamsters could get cancer and there is nothing you can do. Your hamster can get cancer in stressful life so to prevent it you have to make his cage as comfort you can.

All those illnesses I mentioned can prevent. If you give healthy food, exercise and stress free life to your dwarf hamster then you have done enough. But if theese things dont help and your dwarf still get diseases it’s the best way to meet the veterinarian. Just don’t forget – Almost all diseases spread from humans to dwarf hamsters.

dwarf hamsters diseases

Dwarf hamster illnesses

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