Dwarf hamster care

How to care of a dwarf hamster?

    • Dwarf hamsters need extra safety because of their small size. If you touch them or pick them up be very gentle.
    • If you get a dwarf hamster you need a cage. I strongly recommend you to buy a house where bars are close enough. I mean 0,8 cm max seperated.
    • The new home have to be on the floor just for safety. It’s only because if the dwarf hamster somehow get out, it wont fall too high. There have been many cases where the owner has let the cage door open and hamster has fell down and get injured.
    • The cage have to be large. Dwarf hamsters are small but they are very active. They need a place where to run and play.  So if you go to the shop just buy the largest cage you can afford.
    • Clean dwarf hamster cage once a week. Keep in mind that if you take the dwarf hamsters out, put them in a safe place.
    • Give them fresh and clean food. The best way to care of a dwarf hamster is to give him a tasty treat 3-4 times a week.
    • Put a sandbath into the cage two times a week. Dwarf hamsters like to clean them into a sandbath. They just love it!
    • Just talk your hamster with soft voice. Take him out the cage and play with him.

Theese are the best ways how to care of a dwarf hamster. If you do those things hamster will respect you and want to climb on your hand.

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