Dwarf hamster babies

There is much to learn about dwarf hamster babies and how to care them. Usually Many people don’t know that their hamster is pregnant. This is a quick, simple post for you, how you can recognize a pregnant dwarf hamster. Now you know, is your hammy soon going to be a mother or not.

Facts about dwarf hamster babies

Firstly I’d like to tell you some facts about dwarf hamster babies. Did you know that usually dwarf hamsters produce about 5-6 pups in one time. There has been some times when hammy has prodused 10-12 babyes but it’s very extraordinary.
Your dwarf hamster is pregnant 18-21 days so you don’t have much time to spend and have to start doing preparations soon as you have identifyed that she is waiting babies.

Dwarf hamster babies have born

When your dwarf hamster babies have born you have to put some bedding into the cage – something soft, like handkerchief. It’s important that you don’t touch your new arrivals at least ten days, so put the paper into the cage and you can see how dwarf mother takes it to the right place. Also this means that you can’t clean the cage.
Unless you don’t have Russian dwarf hamsters you might to consider seperating the father as he could eat his babies. I can’t tell you will they eat their babies, but so so I have heard. Personally I think it’s good idea to put father into other cage, because there is a chance that father makes mother pregnant again.

Dwarf hamster babies need quiet and peace. Try not to disturb mother and her babies. It’s okay to wach a quick peek for sometimes, but not often :)

dwarf hamster babies

Dwarf hamster babies

About the babies

If babies have born they look skinni and ugly. The skin of the babyes get some color in 3 to 4 days and in 6-7 days the fur starts to grow.  At the beginning mother nurses them and let’s keep it that way. If the dwarf hamster babies are 10 days old they become to look much more like hamsters. Their eyes will open and they start to crawl. Now it’s right time to put father back into the cage and you can start holding them. I recommend you to be careful and watch mother hamster reaction.
About this same time they start to use the water bottle. The pups will begin to eat solid food at about 2 weeks of age.There are a lot of food items that you can feed your growing dwarf hamster. Examples of these are wheat germs and birdseed. This is very exiting time as you can see all kind of new stuff they are doing – how they are exploring the new world.

Babyes grow up

As you know dwarf hamsters live 2-3 years so they grow up quite fast. If they are 3 weeks old, it’s good to seperate male and female baby hamsters to different group. It’s hard to understand who is male and who is female hamster. To know that i recommend you to read my post about that.
Once they are transferred to their corresponding cages, be sure to clean their houses at least once a week. If they are 4 weeks old you can sell, give away or keep them. If you want to sell them, you can search a forum and write a new thread: Dwarf hamsters for sale

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