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As you may have seen on my homepage, I have introduced Chinese Hamsters, but now I think it’s time to write more about those little cute pets. Chinese Dwarf Hamsters may look like a rat because of its long tail, but believe me they are not. They originates in North-Eastern China. In the past these hamsters were used to as a laboratory animals but now a days people interest has increased and they are become home pets. However, these animals are not so common as other dwarf hamsters in pet shops.

Chinese Dwarf Hamster description

As I have mentioned, they have long tail like rats. Others dwarf hamsters don’t have long tail. Many people are confused, and thing they are rats but on the other hand many people think that they belong to hamster family. Because of the longer tail they have better balance and they can jump and climb better than other breeds ofhamsters.
An adult Chinese hamster is about 4 inches (10-12cm) long and weighs up to about 40-50g.

Chinese Hamster colours

There are only two colours that are regularly seen in Chinese Hamsters – the Dominant Spot and the Normal. A third colour, Black-eyed White, occurs randomly and very rarely within litters with two Dominant Spot parents.

Chinese Hamster behaviour and temperament

Firstly, I would like to say, theese hamsters like to live alone. If you put two or many into the same cage they could figth to the end of their life. If Chinese Hamsters are kept in pairs, the owner must keep an eye at all time. Once they are tamed, they feel comfort to sit

Chinese Hamster

Picture of Chinese Hamster

on your hand or climb on you. In fact, this hamster breed is the best to tame.

Chinese Hamster cage

If you are going to put many Hamsters into the same cage I recommend you to use aquarium so you can see are they fighting or not. In the other hand, they like to climb so weather you put some ladders into the cage or take the usual cage so tehy can use bars for climbing. The larger cage you buy, the more room they have and of course they can be active much more. If you are going to buy a regular cage with bars then keep in mind that they are not like other dwarf hamsters – they can squuze through the tiniest of spaces.

In conclusion, I personally think that Chinese Hamsters are great animals for children and even a parents. They are social and if you give them all what they need ( not much ) then they can bring a hapiness onto your family too!

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